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Giving Back!

Each month we donate $3 per shirt sold, to a charity or a

family in need. Help us give back!

Featured Charity • Care for Life

Care for Life is a global non-profit organization with a holistic

approach to ending poverty in a sustainable way by preserving
the family while encouraging and enabling the practice of
self-reliance. Care for Life is not a handout or a give-away

organization, but one that believes in working with people to

help them take charge of their own destiny, realize their full

potential, and create a culture of individual effort and responsibility.


The mission of Care for Life is to alleviate suffering, promote

self-reliance, and instill hope. Founded in 2000 by Blair and

Cindy Packard, Care for Life empowers people to change their

lives. Care for Life is a non-profit foundation and a U.S. 501(c)(3)

charitable organization. In 2002, Care for Life received

non-government organization (NGO) status in Mozambique,

which provides increased access and permission to operate

within the country. For more information visit their website at:

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